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The Joe Bolf Band was formed in 2011 as a recording band, not a performing one.


Joe Bolf supplies Tenor Sax, guitar, keyboards, percussion and vocals. Lisa Cantara supplies bass and vocals. Six other female vocalists take turns with the harmony.


The bands passion is recording the bible sung to Rock / Blues music that Bolf writes.


Joe Bolf is a woodcarver and carves wood panels to use as album covers.


In September 2019, at age 73, Bolf realized that he had recorded the New Testament and enough of the Old Testament to present the recordings as an Audio Bible. The first “Audio Bible Sung To Rock Music”.


31 albums, 317 songs, 36.5 hours of music. 

Bolf also launched a website for all musicians / bands that are interested in recording the bible sung to music.


The word of God is sharper than a two edged sword. Even when sung to Rock music.

" Let My People Go"

The story of Moses

and the Exodus

05 Let My People Go - Joe Bolf Band
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10 Red Sea - Joe Bolf Band
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