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‘Joe has turned some of our Bible story images into some wonderful wood carvings. What an artistic talent and creative musician too.’

The FreeBibleimages team.

Hey Rock music fans, Let me introduce you to a different way to hear the Bible.  Joe Bolf and crew  have produced the Bible, not READ but sung with rock music as the vehicle to carry the word.  With a "Dylanish" sound , a Great musical team and a commitment to having people hear the Bible , Joe has undertaken this great feat with his usual style.  


Pastor Steve Nute,Vice president of the  Biker Bible Institute, Producer of "You Ponder That"

The Bible to Rock Music...Really! Yes, really! Joe came to faith in Christ the first Sunday He stepped into The Church of the Open Bible in Greenville, Maine where I was pastor in the mid seventies. It seems like Joe was always music man. Now Joe has put the Living Word of God to Rock music, now that’s some cool. I like it Joe! Blessings brother.


David King:  Church planter; Pastored Hollis Center Baptist Church for 25 years; Adjunct  Professor at the New England Bible College; Missionary with SEND international for 15 years; Served as Seminary Pastor at KIEV Theological Seminary; Pastored The Living Vine International Church in the Ukraine;

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