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These are recordings  done at jam sessions not meant for release.

Lenny Holmbon & Jim Kilburn - Guitars

Al Taylor - Drums

Joe Bolf Sax

Not Sure of Bass

Singers Noted by Song

Lenny, Jim & Al have all passed away. This is meant to be my small Tribute to some Great Musicians.

I Miss You Guys......

Lead Singer

1. Carolina Street - Lenny Holmbom

2. Instumental

3. Stand by Me _ Jim Kilburn

4. Good Golly Miss Molly - Al Taylor

5. Summer Of '69 - Kevin

6. Get It On - Kevin

7. Who Stopped The Rain - Lisa

8. Already Gone - Al Taylor or Kevin, Not Sure

9. Heavens Door - Kevin

10. Get Back To The USA - Lisa

Songs 11 Thru 20 Were Written & Sung by Joe Bolf. Lenny, Jim & Joe experimenting.


Duplicates were different takes. 

17 is the guitar insturmental break for "Learn To Wait". 

     I put it here to show the difference between Lenny & Jim. Lenny starts and Jim takes over half way thru. Both have distinctive sounds.

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